Gold Forum 2013

7 new GOLD Forum members shared their good practices at the GOLD Forum 2013 event.  
You can check the complete list of these excellent health care centers [here]. 


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Tobacco Free Ireland and the Endgame!

Tobacco Free Ireland (TFI) was launched inOctober 2013. It sets a target for Ireland to have a smoking prevalence rate ofless than 5% by 2025, effectively making the country a tobacco free ...

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UK Report on New evidence: Gradual v. Abrupt Smoking Cessation

NCSCT UK reported recently on new evidence that quitting smoking abruptly is more likely to lead to lasting abstinence than cutting down first, even for smokers who initially prefer to quit by ...

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6th Nicotine Conference at Barmelweid, Swiitzerland

Every second year experts “make a pilgrimage”to the Nicotine Conference at Barmelweid in Switzerland because tobaccoprevention is important and necessary. One out of seven deaths in Switzerland is linked to tobacco consumption ...

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