Gold Forum 2013

7 new GOLD Forum members shared their good practices at the GOLD Forum 2013 event.  
You can check the complete list of these excellent health care centers [here]. 


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E-Cigarettes – Will history repeat itself or will public health learn the lessons from history?

The concluding question posed by Prof. Luke Clancy and Kate Babineau in their article entitled “E-cigarettes: effective cessation tools or public health threat?,”recently published in QJM:An International Journal of Medicine, 2016, 79–81. ...

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Uruguay recieved the first MPOWER “O” award

The award was given to Uruguay in recognition of the importance given to tobacco dependence treatment within their overall tobacco control policy. Uruguay received this prestigious award in March 2015 during the Bloomberg ...

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Noway considers legislation for E-cigarettes with nicotine

Norway will shortly discuss legislation on the sale and distribution of nicotine containing e - cigarettes.  ENSH Norway, an integral entity within HPH Norway is delighted to be in a position to ...

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