Gold Forum 2013

7 new GOLD Forum members shared their good practices at the GOLD Forum 2013 event.  
You can check the complete list of these excellent health care centers [here]. 


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Tobacco smoking impact on life expectancy in 63 countries around the world (6th December 2016)

Framework Convention Alliance report on a study published by Tobacco Control that assesses the impact of tobacco smoking on life expectancy worldwide between 1980 and 2010.           Cause-specific mortality ...

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Should every country go smoke free?

Professor Cecily Kelleher (University College Dublin), leading expert of research reviews gives her answer to should every country go smoke-free? She reports that where smoking bans have been implemented there is strong ...

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COP7 Bulletins by Framework Convention Alliance

Bulletins from the Conference of the Parties (COP7) in Delhi are available to members from the website of the Framework Convention Alliance (FCA).  The Bulletins can downloadable as pdf's from the bottom of ...

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