+40.000 Health professionals had signed the petition for a Tobacco Free World!

All over the world, health professionals are fighting relentlessly against tobacco related death and disease. To show the world that health professionals are entirely committed to a strong tobacco control policy world wide, we would like to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your engagement by signing the

  • TFU PACT: health professional and health organisations can demonstrate their commitment to a tobacco free policy. Translations [here]
  • TFU CHARTER: individual health professionals/personnel can demonstrate their personal engagement in tobacco prevention and cessation. Translations [here]

  • INTERNATIONAL PETITION: With this petition Governments world wide will be called upon not to let the tobacco industry undermine public health policy and to immediately and effectively implement the provisions laid down in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Translations [here]

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I support the TFU Pact as an organisation (read here)
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